September 18, 2014



Terry E. Tainter has been known for 35 years in the legal community for having originated and developed a unique concept known as “Settlement Documentary” for attorneys.  Mr. Tainter is a professional film maker specializing in the production of high-impact, broadcast quality documentaries used in the practice of law since the 1970s.  These productions have been used by attorneys throughout the United States to enhance settlement negotiation or trial in cases ranging from medical negligence, defective products, food contamination and transportation mishaps to building construction, land use and patent law.   Elements range from film and videotape interviews, home movies, demonstrations and Day-in-the-Life profiles to therapy sessions, animations and interactive DVDs.  His work in developing the Settlement Documentary has earned him a reputation across the country as the premier expert in profiling lawsuits.

Over the years Terry has also produced and directed a variety of programs from training for firefighters to a Star Wars parody in 1983, Hydroplane Races for Sports TV and a Multi-camera look at Evel Knieval Days as four generations of jumpers gathered in Butte, Montana. In commercial work he has produced shows for such companies as Wells Fargo Bank, the State of Washington, Beaver Creek, Fire Service Training, SSA Marine and Kaiser. His fundraising video for Lawyers Helping Hungry Children not only shattered all records for previous collections but also won several awards. Another award winning program was his Western Pilot titled “Who Killed Pat Garrett” which is the first installment for a series called Intriguing Mysteries of the Old West.  In just one five year period, Tainter & Associates has won more than 61 awards including Telly, Videographer, Davey, Communicator, MarCom,  Aegis,   Aurora,  Hermes,  Creativity and  Ava Awards. Various work has been shown on CNN, Nightline, Oprah, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Larry King.