September 18, 2014

Commercial Production

Who Killed Pat Garrett?

“Who Killed Pat Garrett” is the half hour pilot for the TV series Intriguing Mysteries Of The Old West, filmed on location in Bracketville, Texas, in High Definition TV. This documentary-style program offers several reenactments that challenge viewers to decide for themselves what really happened. These clips are a sample of this quality production.


Lawyers Helping Hungry Children

This short video was produced by Tainter & Associates for use as a fund raiser and profiled three of the organizations involved.  This video has won several awards for quality creative productions.


Wells Fargo Special Needs Trust


This corporate promotional video explains Wells Fargo’s commitment to managing money for people with Special Needs. It was filmed on location in the Seattle area as well as Key Largo, Florida, where two young men, seriously disabled, enjoyed swimming with dolphins. It has won several awards and is used all across America.

The Empire Strikes Out


This early work (1983) was low budget and a student level production for the birthday of an 8 year old. Unable to borrow costumes from mega-producer George Lucas, Terry contacted a local prostheticist to create Storm Troopers from the material of artificial legs. Costumes were sewn to combine with available masks to create Darth Vader, Chewbacca and two Sand Creatures. Next, local news anchor Mike James agreed to announce the arrival of the ship. Crews then filmed the party and chase through the Seattle Center, culminating in their arrival at the party. Later, it was all edited together into an entertaining story that still holds the record for The Best Birthday Party Ever.

Neal Yapachino: Memorial Regatta

This program was produced early in Terry’s career, and is also a student-level project considering experience at the time. Terry was Producer, Director and Writer. It was shot on location with five cameras and edited later when the play-by-play was added in front of a blue screen.